Keep Up with the team.

TeamGPS iphone client enables you to keep up with the team on the go

1. Display your current location, speed, and heading.
2. Sign in and sign out teamGPS server with specific Team ID and Password.
3. List all team members (except yourself) under the same team with: member name; member platform; distance from you; member’s location accuracy; time of member’s last update. Members being inactive for more than 5 minutes will be grayed out.
4. Mark members on map. The map can be zoomed in and out with satellite image available.
5. Driving direction to let you reach a member by tapping the blue circle of the member in the Team List.
6. Team Talk instant messaging function. To IM with a single member, tap the member's name in the Team List. To IM with all members, tap the To All button in the Team Talk tab. This function utilizes the WiFi or cell phone data plan and will not incur SMS charge.  

Please don’t use teamGPS while driving for safety.   
Please contact the support email if you have questions.

You can obtain TeamGPS iPhone from iTune.

Get TeamGPS for iPhone