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TeamGPS Help

Welcome to help. Please read the FAQ first. You can also visit our online Forums or email us at

Q: How do you creat a team?
A: Please just sign-in using your team id and password. If the team doesn't exist yet, the app will prompt you to create. It is fast and simple.

Q: Can TeamGPS work at background?
A: Currently Apple doesn't allow 3rd party app running at background so TeamGPS for iPhone doesn't support background mode at this moment. If Apple changes its policy, we will make it happen at the first place.
However, GPhone has no such limitation so TeamGPS for GPhone can work at background. The background mode allows the phone to keep updating its location as well as monitoring incoming instant message in the background. So user can use the phone to do other operations at the same time or even put the phone on sleep. Furthermore, the background mode is power optimized for longer battery time.

Q: When I access it from my GPhone it only shows my dot location, not my teams location, but it does show their name in the team tab.
A: If you see -.- as distance of your friend, it means your or his location is not updated so distance can’t be determined. You should see a number popped in and his name gets a marker id (A~Z) once his location is available. The map refreshes every 20 seconds so there could be a little bit delay to show your friend’s markers on map once their locations become available. You can tap on the map markers to read their addresses after then.

Make sure they enabled GPS from Settings->Security & Location.

The current GPhone GPS is very slow. It needs a couple of minutes to search and start posting locations, which is significantly slower than iPhone 3G. Hopefully the next GPhone will do better in GPS.

Q: How do I register a non-iPhone cell phone device?
A: You can now download TeamGPS for GPhone.

Q: Does your software use the iPhone's GPS, or does it use cell towers to triangulate?
A: It uses GPS on iPhone 3G and GPhone; cell tower for first gen iPhone because it does not have build-in GPS.

Q: How do you add team members?
A: Team member is added automatically when he signs in the same team/password. All members shall have different user name, but the same team ID and password.

Q: Does this application join you to a team or do you have to make up a team with your own friends.
A: You will have to make up a team with your own friends. For example, you can create a team called My Pearl Harbor, and send invitation email which will include the team name and password to your friends. Your friend can join you using the same team name and password but different user name. If you want to make friends from TeamGPS, visit our forum Team Building board.

Q: Can iPod touch use TeamGPS?
A: Yes. But iPod touch doesn't have built-in GPS. It only updates location when it connected to a geo-marked WiFi hot spot sunch as ATT WiFi hot spots.

Q: Is there anyway to delete users from your "Team ID"?
A: Right now, when a new user signs in, it will be created. When the user signs out, it will be deleted. So you can login using your team and the misspelled user name, and then sign out. The user should be deleted from your team list. We'll add deleting user from admin page later. The above is a workaround solution for right now.